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Hello there! Future Investor, 😊

Have you ever wondered how easy life would have been if we were taught about finances in our early life as a basic necessity? Remember the times when our parents used to give us pocket money?

Or a relative has given you a Rs.100 while visiting your home on a holiday? Or maybe when your mom lets you keep the extra change from the money she gave to buy vegetables?

What if instead of spending it on Kurkure or Samosa, we would have understood how to manage the money? There’s a chance that we would have become money-smart in our adult life!

Worry not! Presenting Pluto Money’s Financial Quiz which will not only help you educate about your Financial personality but also help you understand how to manage your money to reach your future goals 80% faster but without compromising your present needs.

Take the Ultimate Financial Quiz and get a chance to win a reward of up to Rs. 500, an assured one-on-one free guidance session with our Financial Advisor, and a personalized financial solution.


  1. Add your name and WhatsApp number.

  2. Complete the quiz.

  3. The first 1000 participants will get a chance to win up to 500 rupees, while all participants are assured a minimum reward of 50 rupees.

  4. Participants will receive an app link through which they can download the Pluto Money app and claim their reward.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to have fun while boosting your financial know-how and winning rewards! :tada: